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I have been an avid user of the "Draw Squad" for years. I teach children with language disorders, and the use of the tapes has helped them to unleash their artistic abilities which in turn enhanced their verbal language. Nothing compares to the original Draw Squad series which was so logically sequenced. One of my students who saw the series years ago is now graduating high school and is planning to pursue a career in architecture.

You can spread my story far and wide. I'll try to scan a picture from my student, the great artist, which won him a local contest.

Martin Stein

I enjoyed looking up The Draw Squad web site and reading all the benefits of learning to draw in 3-D.  I thought you might be interested in learning why I'm such a fan of these tapes.

I initially read a review of The Draw Squad tapes in a homeschooling resource book by Mary Pride.  I ordered the first ones the summer my son, Andrew, was in between second and third grade.  While in second grade his behavior during art class had deteriorated and I couldn't figure out why this one class was such a problem.  Finally, he admitted that he hated art because he considered himself a failure at drawing and confessed that he didn't see a reason to try anymore.  Meanwhile, his behavior in art class worsened.

When I read Mary Pride's description of Mark Kistler's zany method I sensed that this was for Andrew.  So, during the summer he practiced drawing along with Mark in the first two tapes.  Sure enough, Mark's presentation really appealed to him.

The first week of third grade, Andrew came home telling me that The Draw Squad was being taught in his art class!  The art teacher used The Draw Squad book to make transparencies and taught the equivalent of the first four tapes.  Since Andrew had already learned the drawing techniques taught in tapes "A" and "B," he was no longer behind but ahead! His self-confidence soared and his behavior problems ceased.  Although that art teacher retired at the end of the year and the next teacher opted not to continue with The Draw Squad, he continues to hone his skills at home.

Andrew is currently finishing up fifth grade. He uses his 3-D drawing skills almost every day in school.  His spelling assignments, in which he illustrates his words, have become less time consuming.  Previous to learning how to draw in 3-D he would spend much time agonizing about making his flat drawings "look right."  His current book report on the Wright brothers is illustrated with a fine looking 3-D, 1901 vintage glider.  Science projects also became a lot more fun, once he could draw something that actually resembled what he was describing.

My daughter, Hannah, age five, has good small motor control, and has been drawing along with Andrew for a year.  I don't think she'll ever experience the negative feelings about drawing as Andrew did.

Oh, my, this has become quite lengthy!  I'll blame it on your highly descriptive web page.

Have a good day.

Carol McNeil
Home School Teacher
Manchaca, TX

I just happened to be talking about The Draw Squad books since my granddaughter had a birthday party and was showing off all my drawings to her little friends.  I was online and just decided to see if I typed in "drawsquad" if it would get me anywhere and well "here, I am" I have both the books and started drawing from them years ago while out on a work injury.

I wouldn't have gotten back into drawing if it hadn't been for your books, I still have the books except my grandson has borrowed one and now is also an avid drawer.  If this is the real Draw Squad site I would like to place a link on my site to it, if that is okay.  Thank you for the wonderful books and for getting me back to being a drawing maniac.  Ha! Ha!

Rose Marie Leonard
Web Designer

I've used The Draw Squad tapes after completing a long art project with the students.  They are a good change of pace for the students and some of them come up with very nice drawings.  Mark is able to present a difficult concept, perspective, in a fun and easy way to elementary students.  The tapes are also great to leave for substitute teachers to use.

By the way, my personal creations can be found at:

Ken Rohrer
Creator of the Art Teacher Toolbox

Here are some samples (the kids couldn't wait) of their work!!

I purchased your program in October and I have never had anything received with such enthusiasm in my whole career!  The parents love it; the kids love it and it's so good for them.

Keep in mind now this is second grade stuff - so it's not finished as some of the older kids' work might be but they sure are having a wonderful time with it - and so am I!!

Eileen Smith
2nd Grade Teacher
Fairlands Elementary School
Pleasanton, CA

I recently read a pamphlet put out by you about drawing and how it helps ones self-esteem.  I applaud you for making the public more aware of this.  I have been drawing since I was a little girl.  At 34, I'm still drawing and painting.  I find this sort of creative expression to be most meaningful in my life, because not only does it help me to get out of myself and my problems, it also opens my world to the boundless possibilities of experience that we can have if we are receptive enough.

So many times the unspoken word, an image drawn by the free hand, is so much more expressive than talking.  I have found this to be true among all ages of people.

When I was in graduate school I did an internship with children of people with AIDS.  What I found during those weeks was that art therapy is therapy by virtue of the fact that the person who is drawing has total command of that experience, and is thus empowered by the act of drawing.

Enclosed is a drawing by me.  Thank you for reminding us all what a great healing the act of drawing can produce.

I work at a shelter for battered women and we encourage the kids of our clients to draw.  I am amazed and impressed by the images that come from the hand of even a three-year-old.

Thank you for the positive reminder of just how powerful drawing can be.

Yours truly,

Art Student
Tucson, AZ

My class has finished the videos I have and we will be anxiously waiting for our new videos to come!  I am so glad that you are making these videos available for classroom use.  I use the video twice a week.  I don't think many teachers are aware of The Draw Squad videos.  There has got to be a way to get the word out.  Do you have a flyer available that I could copy and send to some friends in other school districts?

Last fall, I went to a teacher's convention in Sacramento and I did not see anything like this presented in the workshops or exhibits.  I also try to go to home school conventions whenever possible.  I haven't seen any drawing video programs presented.  We enjoy these videos and the children are progressing well.  Thank you for keeping these videos available!!!

Susan Kay Dunlap
Faith Christian Elementary
Colusa, CA

I purchased the first twenty lessons on videotape at the beginning of the school year.  As we are a year round school, we started on July 10.  We have just completed lesson 8 which was the first Secret City lesson.  I am really excited about what is happening with all of my students and their drawing ability.  Three students in particular have been a challenge to motivate.  As we have gotten farther into drawing, their heretofore unknown drawing ability has surfaced.  The exciting part for me has been seeing them become actively involved in other areas of the curriculum.  Thanks for helping me motivate them!

Dennis Chapman
Fourth Grade Teacher
Timpanogos Elementary School
Provo, UT

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