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Thank you for your interest in the Draw Squad Classroom Video Series, along with its companion Teacher's Guide. This 44-lesson series is designed to help people of all ages and skill levels gain, or improve, a basic working proficiency in the fundamentals of perspective drawing. Built on the same hugely successful teaching system as our classic PBS show The Secret City, this classroom series has been sold to over 6,000 schools and educators. Testimonials about the series substantiate the popularity and effectiveness of the Draw Squad Classroom Video Series system.

The Ability To Draw Increases Other Skills

Teachers who have used the Classroom Video Series have credited our drawing system with much more than the ability to draw.  Students who use the series have increased skill development in numerous areas including:

  • Developing fine motor, visual motor, and visual spatial skills which can also help students in handwriting, reading and math.
  • By promoting right-brain use for more equal and total brain development, all essential academic areas of study are enhanced, including math, science, social studies, language arts, handwriting, and reading.
  • Stimulating and promoting independent thinking, study skills, structured and creative work habits.
  • Developing sequential learning skills.
  • Teaching concepts such as right and left, up and down, geometric shapes, in front and behind, in and out, size, surface, density, and shape.  (This is particularly helpful for very young children for whom English is a second language).
  • Giving children the means to express themselves artistically, benefiting both their emotional and educational growth.
  • Benefiting science instruction by making the children better observers of the world around them and giving them the means to record their observations.
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Creating opportunities for success - which is an incredible motivator.  The motivation and positive attitude the children gain from this series spills over into other areas of their academic endeavors.  It is a great 'hook' for non-achievers.
  • Encourages students to say YES to drawing and NO to drugs and excessive 'junk' screen time.

What You Get

This Classroom Video Series series is composed of 44 lessons, each with an approximately half-hour long running time, for a total of about 22 hours of instruction. The complete series teaches at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels as students progress through the lessons. It includes 274 drawing exercises. All 7 of the original Magic Words of Drawing are covered as well as concepts such as maintaining a positive attitude, adding extras to your drawings, and being sure to practice daily for the most rapid improvement. Lesson plans are included showing each drawing that will be taught in the lesson. Each lesson contains on-screen time codes that used to be helpful keys to locate individual exercises when the series was distributed on VHS. These time codes are no longer relevant to the current online format and we plan on removing and/or updating them in the future.

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Achievement Clubs help motivate students to reach the next level. Because they often involve drawing at a timed speed, the Achievement Clubs help your students draw without hesitation. Reference sheets for the Draw Squad Achievement Scale and designated times are also included in the Teacher's Guide.

Along with the Achievement Clubs, Drawing Contests are also powerful motivators. While the Achievement Clubs focus' are on improving a student's drawing speed, the Drawing Contests primary focus' are on a given volume of drawing regardless of the time it takes to complete the task. A Draw Squad Contest Progress Chart is included with the video series, along with the Bruce McIntyre Achievement Scale Progress Club Chart.

Of course we can't forget the "YES to Drawing, NO to TV" contract. This is designed to motivate students to become selective content viewers. The idea is to spend less time watching ‘junk’ content and instead use more time drawing!

The Draw Squad with Capt. Mark (Mark Kistler)

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