Mark Kistler's Draw Squad Book

For those of you who have never flipped through a copy of the Draw Squad book, here's what's contained inside . . .
Chapter and Section Titles

Chapter One

  • "I Can't Even Draw A Straight Line"; Dissolving a Popular Myth.
  • The Pre-Test.
  • Special Notes for Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, High School Students and Kids.
  • The Ten Key Words of Drawing.
  • Supplies You Will Need.

Chapter Two - The Drawing Adventure Begins

  • Lesson 1; FORESHORTENING: Creating the illusion of depth by distorting objects.
  • Lesson 2; SURFACE: Pushing objects higher or lower on the surface of the page.
  • Lesson 3; SHADING: Adding darkness opposite a light source.
  • Lesson 4; SHADOW: How to effectively use shadow.
  • Lesson 5; DENSITY: Manipulating detail and darkness to make some objects appear nearer than others.
  • Lesson 6; CONTOUR: Giving shape to curved objects.
  • Lesson 7; OVERLAPPING: Placing one object over another to create depth.
  • Lesson 8; SIZE: Bigger usually equals closer!
  • Lesson 9; ATTITUDE: How your attitude affects your drawing and vice versa.
  • Lesson 10; DAILY: Use it or lose it!
  • Lessons 11 through 20; INTERMEDIATE proficiency levels
  • Lessons 21 through 30; ADVANCED proficiency levels

Chapter Three

  • Drawing Success in the Classroom
  • Special Ideas For Teachers

Chapter Four

  • How Mark Kistler's Drawing Program Launched My First Grade Classroom

Chapter Five

  • More Ideas For Teachers by Mike Schmid

Chapter Six

  • Drawing Self-Esteem

Chapter Seven

  • Drawing Goals
  • A Special Note to High School Students

Chapter Eight

  • Kids Drawing For World Peace
  • Bruce McIntyre's Achievement Scale Progress Chart
  • Suggested Reading
  • Join the Draw Squad
  • Draw Squad Video Tape Series Information
  • Draw Squad Franchise Information

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