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Online Drawing Lessons - Introduction

With The Draw Squad Classroom Video Series you will learn how to draw in three dimensions.  We call the seven most important tools of drawing the Seven Key Words of Drawing.  Once you understand the these concepts, you will be able to DRAW ANYTHING!

What You Need To Get Started

Click on the link above and study the basic concepts page.  You might even want to print them out as a reference when you need to review the basic skills of creating 3D drawings.


Get yourself two two spiral bound sketchbooks of at least 100 sheets each. 8-1/2" x 11" is a good standard size.

Pocket size sketchbooks are also good to have around because they can be carried easily.  You never know when an art attack is going to hit!

Drawing Tools

Pencils are the cleanest and easiest tools to work with. Standard #2 pencils work well.  If you want, you can use mechanical pencils. Use 2B leads or a comparable hard lead.  You'll want to buy plenty of pencils, standards or mechanical - you know how they always seem to get misplaced.


There are many types of bananas to eat while you are drawing.  We recommend the yellow ones, a bit soft, with freckles on them.  If your felt pen is handy, you can warm-up by drawing thoughtful faces on your banana.  Be sure to remove this ink covered peel immediately, as to avoid ink poisoning and the subsequent arrest of the drawing maniac who suggested that you draw on a banana.


Besides the above mentioned basic supplies (the basics), the rest is up to your imagination.  We always encourage experimentation.  You may find that a soft lead works best on shadows (it does) or that a thick felt pen will give you a strong line (it will).  Using colored paper instead of white may change the character of your drawings.  Textured paper will help you create contrasting surface.  We find it best to leave the supply list open.  You're more likely to discover your own set of supplies this way instead of getting bombarded with tools that we say you'll need.

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