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Seven Key Words of Drawing 

Do you like adventure?  Are you daring?  If so, sharpen your pencil, grab your pad and read on . . .

This page will give you the seven most important tools of drawing. We call these "The Seven Magic Words" of drawing.  Once you learn these words (and we mean really learn them!  Don't just skim through them on your way to the super drawings on our Web site.) you will have the keys to enter the land of drawing and will be able to draw your own secret house, secret building, secret city, secret world - even you own secret universe!

We suggest you print this page out for future reference.

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Distorting objects or parts of an object to create the illusion that one edge is actually closer to your eye.


Adding darkness to a surface that is opposite an imaginary light source adds depth to your drawing.


Drawing objects or parts of an object lower on the surface of the paper makes them appear closer (with exception of objects in space i.e. birds, clouds).


Generally, objects drawn larger will look closer, except when overlapping.


Lines wraped around the contour of a round object adds volume and shape to the object.


Objects drawn in front of others will make the front objects appear closer.


Images drawn darker, and with more detail, will appear closer than images drawn lighter and with less detail. This adds "atmosphere" to the drawing.

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