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I've seen Draw Squad tapes listed at and with other art instruction media vendors.  Are these the same as the Draw Squad Classroom Video Series?

No.  There were three Draw Squad titles that were produced specifically for the home viewing format.  The titles were:
Adventure 1 - Escape of the Twinkies
Adventure 2 - Pigasus Goes on a Diet
Adventure 3 - Moonbot's Birthday Party

The right to distribute and market these videos was contracted to another company.  We have no control over the quality of customer service, etc.  If you have problems or complaints with these tapes, you will have to contact the distributor directly.

The Draw Squad tapes that we are promoting here were produced in a non-broadcast format and meant to be used in the classroom environment.  Also, this set of tapes was meant to be a companion to the book, Mark Kistler's Draw Squad which is available from most book retailers nationwide and here on the Internet.  We highly recommend that you obtain a copy of the book as a companion to the classroom series.  Lessons in the book may be photocopied for your students.

Can I charge my order to a credit card?

No. We currently are NOT set up for taking orders or any secure payment processing on this website.

We currently ARE working on getting the Draw Squad Classroom series available for streaming through apps that would have their own native payment processing. Also we are an affiliate and are working to set up links to some products there.

More FAQ's will be added at a later time.

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