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   Learn to Draw: The Secret City (with Commander Mark) - Clubhouse Version  - BOOK - $19.85  OOP
   The original Secret City How-to-Draw book (Revised 1st Edition). Includes all 7-Magic Words of Drawing and all 22 Special Art Words. (68 pages)

   Learn to Draw: The Secret City (with Commander Mark) - Schoolroom Version  - BOOK - $19.85  OOP
   The original Secret City How-to-Draw book (Revised 1st Edition). Includes all 7-Magic Words of Drawing and all 22 Special Art Words. (68 pages)

   The Secret City (1985)  - DVD - $325.00  OOP
   65 half-hour episodes on 13 discs.

   The Seven Magic Words of Drawing  - DVD - $24.95  OOP
   Commander Mark demonstrates all seven of the core concepts of perspective drawing. (57 minutes)



   Mark Kistler's Draw Squad  - BOOK - $22.00   -   AVAILABLE TO ORDER!
   Softcover workbook. A terrific companion to the DS Classroom Video Series. (252 pages)
   See our detailed product description HERE on

   "Mark Kistler's Draw Squad" (Workbook) is now available to order online from an product page HERE.
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   The Draw Squad Special (1989)  - DVD - $24.95  OOP
   The original Draw Squad video Special. Six new drawing exercises.  (60 minutes)

   The Draw Squad Adventures (1989)  - DVD
   Featuring clips from the Draw Squad Special, combined with selected exercises from the DSCV Series.
   Three Draw Squad drawing adventures were created for the home video market. (45 minutes each)

   DS Adventures, Vol. 1 - Escape of the Twinkies- $19.95  OOP
   DS Adventures, Vol. 2 - Pigasus Goes on a Diet- $19.95  OOP
   DS Adventures, Vol. 3 - Moonbot's Birthday Party- $19.95  OOP

   The Draw Squad Classroom Video Series (Class of 1992) - COMPLETE - DVD - $395.00  OOP
   Thousands of schools and educators have already purchased the entire 44-lesson series (22 DVD's). We are making the entire series available at a special price.

What You Get

   This 44-lesson series containing two half-hour lessons on each disc.  The complete series teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced drawing. It includes 274 drawing             exercises. All 12 of the Magic Words of Drawing are covered. Lesson plans are included showing each drawing that will taught in the lesson. 

   Additionally, Achievement Clubs are included to help motivate students to reach the next level. The Achievement Clubs help your students draw without hesitation. The Bruce     McIntyre Achievement Scale tracking sheet with designated times is included with purchase.

   Drawing Contests are also powerful motivators. The Drawing Contests' primary focus is on doing a volume of drawing regardless of the amount of time it takes a student to         complete the task. A Draw Squad Contest Progress Chart is included with the video series.

   Of course we can't forget the "YES to Drawing, NO to TV" contract. This is designed to motivate students to become selective television viewers. The idea is to spend less           time watching TV and instead spend more time drawing!

   Draw Squad Classroom Series - Teacher's Guide  - BOOK - (26 pages)
   A handy teacher's guide to the DSCV series includes lesson plans and suggestions for how to use the series in a classroom. Included with DSCV series purchase.

The New Secret City Adventures (1991) - Episode 1 -  DVD - $24.95 OOP
Commander Mark is back with a new series of drawing adventures. Learn how to draw in 3-D with Zebtron's nephew, Bobtron the Robot! Foreshortening is the Magic Word today! (28 minutes)

The New Secret City Adventures (1991) - Episode 2 -  DVD - $24.95 OOP
Shading is Commander Mark's lesson today. Lisa Kveton, a published author, beams into the Secret City to show you how to make your own book! Guess what happens when Commander Mark and Bobtron get lost in the library's card catalog? (28 minutes)

The New Secret City Adventures (1991) - Episode 3 -  DVD - $24.95 OOP
Commander Mark teaches you how to draw Mount Science Fiction using the magic word Overlapping. Professor Colombo shows Bobtron and Sir Unibear how to build a rocket out of recycled materials! Violet and Commander Mark build a cool 3D dragon together. (28 minutes)

Commander Mark’s Fantastic Galactic Imagination Explorer  - GAME - OOP
(AKA: “New Secret City Adventures, The” 3-D Drawing Game), This board game/parlor game is a fun way to learn the Magic Words, while drawing the New Secret City Mural.

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A description of the contents of each disc in the 44-lesson series.

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